French Bronze Multi Function Clock

French Bronze Multi Function Clock

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French Bronze Multi Function Clock: with 2 female statues and a covered urn on top. It has a time clock, Holosteric barometer and calendar dial with days of week and days of the month dials, moon phase function. The time and bell striking movement is numbered 3098. The barometer’s back plate has a circular mark with PHB and 2 number 1’s, one of these is inverted. The dials are 4 1/2″ wide; the time dial has visible escapement and has a New York companies name on it, not fully legible.

(It has a chip by the right hand key slot. The main dial’s glass door in back is broken, the barometer dial is stained.)

22″ x 27″ and running at this time”

*** Please note, this item is F.O.B. Marshalltown, IA, you must make shipping arrangements.

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